Mar 21, 2011

Sabine's new project 'Ni Contigo Ni Sin Ti'

Ni Contigo... Ni Sin Ti is a telenovela that begin airing on February 28, 2011 in Mexico, starring Erick Elias, Sabine Moussier, Alessandra Rosaldo, Eduardo Santamarina as the main protagonists.
Leo, a blind resident, is the one who is marked out for linking this world with the one of the wealthiest families. For the love of Leo are fighting Gianna, a daughter of landlady of boarding house, and Sabrina, a young girl belonging to the upper class.

Leo became blind because of the accident occurred when he was 15 years old, his pesonality does not correspond in no way to the personality which is usually exposed in the soap operas on disabled persons. On the contrary, Leo is quite optimistic and happy. His lovers, Sabrina is a pretty girl from a good family, but she has a disgraceful fault, she is a kleptomaniac. She steals insignificant objects with the well hidden purpose of calling the attention of the people around her. And Gianna, in return, is a beautiful girl of middle class, but she has a very bad temper.

The story tells also about other couples, including undersatnding and disappointment, wich represent an entertaining and sophisticated alternative. The roles of middle-aged lovers are played by Rodrigo, Lucía and Ana María, who fully complete the overall story.

Meanwhile Helen is an owner of an exclusive boutique and has a daughter named Monica. After a complicated relationship between mother and daughter, there is a big secret.

The boarding house “Forza Italia”, a house situated in “El Llano”, is attended by its owners, who are Pola and Dionisio, assigned to bring a part of humor in the soap opera.

There are also two worlds, of course not situated together. That would have been a typical case. Here reach people are wealthy upper-class, those who have a nice house in a district of uptown, but never a mansion in the suburbs. Humble people are not so poor, of course, but they have a job that supports them appropriately.

* Erick Elías - Iker Rivas Olmedo
* Sabine Moussier - Eleonor Cortazar
* Alessandra Rosaldo - Julia Mistral
* Eduardo Santamarina - Leonardo Cornejo
* Laura Carmine - Nicole Lorenti
* Ximena Herrera - Isabela Rivas Olmedo
* Ricardo Franco - José Carlos
* Luz María Jerez - Irene Olmedo de Rivas
* Luz María Aguilar - Doña Natalia Armenta
* María Marcela - Doña Carola Tinoco
* Mauricio Mejía - Marco Rábago
* César Bono - Gelasio
* Brandon Peniche - Diego Torres Landa
* Otto Sirgo - Octavio Torres Landa
* Sachi Tamashiro - Yola Zorrilla
* Jorge Ortín - Don Chuy Turrubiates
* Sharis Cid - Salma Rábago
* Ricardo Franco - José Carlos Rivas Olmedo
* Gastón Tusset - Alejandro Rivas
* Pepe Gamez - Poncho Chamorro
* Amparo Garrido - Doña Adelita
* Lili Gorett - Verónica Galindo Cortazar
* Michelle Renaud - Cony Chamorro
* Óscar Zamanillo - Bosco Rosado
* Andrea Torre - Fabiola Escalante
* Yousi Díaz - Flora
* René Mussi - Lalo Garnica
* Robin Vega - Tobi

Mar 7, 2010

Sabine Moussier developed Guillain-Barré syndrome

Diana Sabine Moussier (born 12 July 1966) is a German-born, Mexican-naturalized actress who is best known for her work, frequently as a villainess, in numerous Mexican telenovelas such as Entre el amor y el odio, La madrastra, and Mi pecado.
Moussier was born on 12 July 1966 in Leverkusen, North Rhine-Westphalia, West Germany. While still a very small child, Moussier and her mother left Europe and immigrated to Mexico. Moussier had a quiet childhood in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, but as a teenager she took an interest in acting and eventually moved to Mexico City, where she attended Televisa's Centro de Educación Artística.
Shortly after graduating from CEA, Moussier found work as the co-host of Al ritmo de la noche with Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo. Quickly thereafter, in 1996, Moussier was cast in minor roles in telenovelas Morir dos veces and Luz Clarita. The following year, Moussier portrayed the character of Mireya Serrano in María Isabel.
Moussier's star recognition increased in 1998 when she was cast as Lorenza Torres in the successful novela El privilegio de amar. The following year, she portrayed minor character Cristina in Rosalinda and the adulterous Diana de Lizárraga in Mujeres engañadas. In 2001, she took on the role of Graciela in El derecho de nacer, in which producers and viewers were first introduced to the full range of her acting talent.
In 2002, Moussier starred alongside César Évora and Susana González in Entre el amor y el odio, in which she potrayed the scheming Frida, who plots alongside the villainous Marcial to marry Évora's Octavio and gain control of his family's lands. After Entre el amor y el odio, Moussier took a two-and-a-half-year hiatus from acting in order to care for her newborn daughter, returning in 2005 with two new novelas. In February, Moussier once again debuted alongside Évora, as well as Victoria Ruffo, in the popular La madrastra as the vain and haughty murder suspect Fabiola de Mendizábal. Three months later, she starred in Piel de otoño as ambitious businesswoman Rebeca Franco, who carries on an affair with the heroine's villainous husband Ramón (Sergio Goyri).
Following the finale of Piel de otoño, Moussier again took time off for the the birth of her second child, returning to telenovelas late in 2006 as mob boss Eva Santoro in Amar sin límites. The following year, she briefly reunited with the cast of La madrastra and again took up the role of Fabiola in order to re-film the final ten episodes of the telenovela, which was being re-run at the time, and provide a new resolution to the murder mystery. At the end of the year, Moussier joined the star-studded cast of the mini-novela Amor sin maquillaje, which honored the fiftieth anniversary of Televisa and telenovelas in Mexico, as Beatriz.
In 2008, Moussier starred as Marissa, yet another villainess, in Las tontas no van al cielo. Later that year, she replaced Edith González as the protagonist in the musical play Aventurera, but eventually had to withdraw from the cast a few months later following a leg injury. The final year of the decade saw Moussier tackle the role of the seductive, social-climbing Justina Almada de Huerta, her first role as the mother of grown children, in Mi pecado.During the filming of Mi pecado, Moussier was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome, and although she and producer Juan Osorio Ortiz initially altered her filming schedule in order to accommodate her recovery, she was eventually forced to withdraw from the cast shortly before the finale; her character, Justina, was not recast, as Osorio had planned in advance for the possibility of Moussier's departure.
In 1999, Moussier began dating Rodrigo Santos, and they moved in together shortly thereafter. The couple eventually split in 2002 after two-and-a-half years together. Later that year, Moussier started a relationship with Chilean businessman Jorge Peralta, and the couple's daughter, Camila Peralta Moussier, was born on 15 July 2003 in Mexico City. They later welcomed their son, Paulo Peralta Moussier, on 3 July 2006. Moussier and Peralta subsequently split in January 2008, publicly announcing their separation a month later on 19 February. Although Moussier often referred to Peralta as her husband,Peralta himself told gossip magazine TVnotas that the couple was never officially married; however, because Moussier and Peralta had cohabitted for more than five years and had had children together, they were required, under the Mexican Constitution to formally divorce nonetheless. Shortly after breaking up with Peralta, Moussier began dating a young man named Juan, but they ended their relationship in 2009.
In April 2009, Moussier became involved in a very public and lengthy war of words with fellow actress Sherlyn, who brought a lawsuit against Moussier's former partner Peralta in which she accused him of defrauding her of MXN$2 million while they were dating. Moussier paid Peralta's debt herself and then publicly denounced Sherlyn when the younger actress did not immediately drop the charges against Peralta.Peralta was eventually released from prison on 14 May, but Moussier later accused Sherlyn of violating the non-aggression pact that was included in the settlement of the lawsuit and threatened to reveal information that would ruin Sherlyn's career.The two actresses eventually came to an understanding following a telephone call and subsequently called a truce.
In late 2009, Moussier developed Guillain-Barré syndrome and was forced to alter her shooting schedule on Mi pecado in order to promote her recovery. According to Juan Osorio, the producer of Mi pecado, Moussier's illness traveled from her spinal cord to her brain, affecting her ability to remember her lines and causing her such pain that doctors were forced to put her under sedation; additionally, he claimed that Moussier might be left paralyzed as a result of the illness. As a result of her worsening health, Moussier was forced to leave the cast of Mi pecado shortly before the completion of filming. Moussier announced in late November 2009 that her health was improving and that she would not be left paralyzed, although she stressed that Guillain-Barré "is an illness that takes months [from which to recover]".

Apr 4, 2009

Sabine Moussier drops Aventurera

Sabine Moussier has announced that she will be saying goodbye to Aventurera.
She blames a health condition she currently has…pains in her neck and back and has recently said that she has to get shots before a performance to get through it without totally suffering.

Sabine Moussier begins her "Adventure"

After weeks of intense rehearsals, actress Sabine Moussier is ready to reprise the role of Elena Tejero, the leading lady in the musical Aventurera (Adventurer), starting on August 29.

During a press event, the producer Carmen Salinas officially welcomed the actress, 42, and assured she found a great replacement for Edith González, who left the show to go to Colombia to film Doña Bárbara. Moussier's debut coincides with the 11th anniversary of Aventurera.

"We're very happy with Sabine. I saw her rehearsing yesterday, and she knew every dance step, line, and lyric," said Eduardo Santamarina, who also stars in the musical.

The new Aventurera will make her appearance in in the Blanquita theater in Mexico City, and Moussier assures that she won't let her audience down.

Sabine Moussier is the new Aventurera

It's official. The 41-year-old actress will replace Edith González in the role of Elena Tejera in the famous Mexican musical.After weeks of rumors and speculation about who will be the next leading lady in the Mexican musical Aventurera, producer Carmen Salinas announced that the role will go to Sabine Moussier.

"It's a great role and wonderful cast. I feel like I'm ready for this, and plus, I really love to dance," said Edith González's new replacement. The Las tontas no van al cielo (Televisa) actress said she's not worried about being compared with past leading ladies, because she thinks she's got what it has to take on the challenge.

Moussier will starts rehearsals with the rest of the cast immediately, and is set to make her debut on August 29 in the Blanquita theater in Mexico City. Moussier signed a contract to finish off the 2008 season, with the possibility of renewing it thereafter.